Executive Mentoring

Your questions. Your issues. Your challenges.

Executive mentoring is aimed at improving leadership effectiveness

Executive mentoring serves as a guide to help you work through concerns or issues

Executive mentoring is provided by generalists who work with you in multiple arenas of life

Why Executive Mentoring?

For managers, executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs

The reasons for having an executive mentor are as varied as the thousands of people who have one. They nurture your ability to multiply the options and resources already at your disposal. In addition, they provide resourceful insights from their own vast experience.

Executive mentors help you “rise to the occasion,” whether it’s to pursue a cherished dream, to overcome a frustrating challenge, or to realign your life with your deepest values and passions. Mentors double as confidants and sounding boards. But they also prod you, stretch you, and “hold your feet to the fire.” They take your aspirations as seriously as you do.

Unlike consultants, who offer specialized solutions to specific issues, executive mentors are generalists who work with you in multiple arenas of life. They aim not merely at career success, but at a satisfying life. They know that men and women with high levels of life-satisfaction usually have greater sustained effectiveness. Life-satisfaction, in turn, depends on such things as a clear sense of purpose in life, personal values that are carefully aligned, and relationships (especially with family) that are balanced and healthy.

So why have an executive mentor? In order to do even better at the things you already do well. And to develop new skills and outlooks that will open new venues of promise for your career.

What to Expect?

Mentoring relationships are more successful and have more impact when it has a certain amount of structure. A three step structure will be followed to ensure an effective partnership:

Initiation Phase Meetings

Building the relationship and developing the Mentoring Agreement (whole group)

Development of Goals

Development goals and continued success

(individual meeting)

Ending the Formal Relationship

Closure and evaluation (individual meeting)
Closing Group Celebration

These phases best occur over a six to eight month time period. The amount of time for each phase will vary depending on your needs and personal style of both mentor and mentee. Throughout the mid-phase meetings, make certain that progress analysis and progress checks are completed.

Next Steps

Interested individuals should complete the online Mentee Questionnaire by February 21.  Mentees will be contacted directly with specific meeting dates, fee schedules, agreements, leadership plans, etc.

Please contact llevels@thehigherlevels.com should you have additional questions.

About us

As your executive mentor, Levatta Levels draws on a unique blend of leadership experience and mentoring know-how. A former urban school superintendent, assistant superintendent, director, principal, assistant principal, and current CEO of a thriving educational consulting group, she knows firsthand the challenges of demanding leadership positions.

Moreover, she has been a confidant and advisor to superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, assistant principals, teachers, educators, and professionals over 20 years in which mentees have reached their most cherished goals by tapping into her wisdom and experience.


"To all those deeply concerned with improving leadership effectiveness, overcoming challenges or bring your passion to fruition, Higher Levels Executive Mentoring is ready to serve as a springboard for enlightened conversation."
Dr. J. McBride, Oral Roberts University
Author of Self-Concept and Academic Achievement influencing Occupational Identity
"Ms. Levels modeled the importance of asking questions to encourage self-reflection, which uncovered potential blind spots. Ultimately I was better prepared to make comprehensive decisions."
Brian Francis M.Ed, A+ Charter Schools
Deputy Superintendent of Operations
"Levatta Levels epitomizes the very best of EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP!"
Dr. Larry D. Lewis, The Impact Institute for Leadership, Transformation, Innovation and Student Achievement
Founder and CEO
"Ms. Levels has an incomparable way of listening and partnering with you on the journey to meeting your professional goals. Her professional experiences and expertise are second to none."
Kristie Moore, Psy.D.
Instructional Officer for Psychological Services for Katy ISD